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Phoenix Displays, LLC designs and manufactures quality spring-load display systems to merchandise grocery and other sundry items.

Our products can be found in thousands of stores nationwide on products ranging from health and beauty, pre–packaged bags of salad to frozen foods.  Our display racks are made of quality materials to ensure long service, low maintenance and customer satisfaction.

Our heavy duty design allows the racks to be used where weight/size of the product may otherwise be a factor.

Displays are available to accommodate most products utilizing our standard Fixed-width or Adjustable racks. If you would like a display that is unique to your product, we will design a Custom displays to fit your needs.

Our selection of Adjustable display systems allow for new product placement and easy resets.  Our patented Fixed-width racks lock together to save space on the shelves.

The benefits of using our rack system can be realized by the product manufacturer and retailer alike.  All of our displays can be made to accommodate virtually any product size or shelf depth.

Reduce Labor Costs & Improve Sales


Made in the USA